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The Prestige Imports Team

Our Porsche Team

Let us introduce you to our staff, show you some of our special vehicle offers and take you through our complete line of new, Certified pre-owned and used inventory. We can help you find exactly what you are looking for.

We know your time is valuable. We are sure you will find our site a fast and convenient way to research and find a vehicle that's right for you. If we can be of any assistance while visiting us online, send us an email and we will promptly reply.We look forward to serving you!



Dean Blackwelder

Dean Blackwelder | General Manager

Dean was on the Prestige Porsche sales floor for 10 great years. He started off as a Porsche Brand Specialist and worked his way up to Porsche Sales Manager due to his in-depth Porsche knowledge and amazing sales skills. Dean has gone above and beyond and is now the Porsche General Manager here at Prestige Imports. Prior to Prestige Imports, Dean lived in Tennessee. Dean worked in the Coast Guard for 6 years. Dean is a member of the PCNA and has owned a few Porsches over the years. He even dabbles in racing a few of them at the track. Dean is a golf and theater enthusiast. He loves to travel around the world, most frequently exploring the beautiful landscapes of Europe.


Kathy Carter

Kathy Carter | Controller

Kathy has been in the Auto Industry for 25 years! Not only has Kathy been in the industry for quite some time but her husband has as well! It must run in the family! Before Prestige Imports she worked for an Automotive Group where she managed a total of 5 stores. She is a Certified Public Accountant. Kathy was born and raised in Colorado. She enjoys her free time with her husband and 2 children.

Phone: 303.238.8101 • Email:

Gregg Sunfield

Gregg Sunfield | Porsche Sales Manager

Gregg exemplifies Porsche Excellence. Gregg has superior knowledge and understanding of the Porsche Brand, with 8 years of Porsche Sales under his belt. Gregg is a Porsche Sales Excellence Award recipient. This award is carefully given to only 25 people in the U.S.A and 100 people world-wide! Gregg moved to Colorado fifteen years ago after traveling the world. Prior to Porsche Sales Gregg worked in Construction Management. Gregg spends his time off enjoying time with his wife and son.

Phone: 303.238.8101 • Email:

Nori Limbacher

Nori Limbacher | Pre-Owned Sales Manager


Roman Castro

Roman Castro | Finance Director


Moody Milhem

Moody Milhem | Finance Coordinator


Patrick Roush

Patrick Roush | Finance Coordinator


Aaron Ekalo

Aaron Ekalo | Porsche Brand Ambassador

Aaron Ekalo

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Ron Hughes

Ron Hughes | Porsche Brand Ambassador

Ron Hughes

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Warren Kaye

Warren Kaye | Porsche Brand Ambassador

Warren Kaye
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Prestige Imports’ Porsche Brand Ambassador Warren Kaye has worked in the automotive industry for close to sixteen years. Recently, he completed the sale of his two thousandth vehicle. While he readily admits that some “people have sold more” cars and have done so “faster,” Kaye’s career sales volume is a lofty number that merits celebration.

Even though he’s a sixteen year veteran of the industry, the business of selling cars still poses challenges for Kaye. “I would love to say that the job gets easier. I mean, the processes involved with a sale become easier. But the longer you’re in the business, the more you expect from yourself. So, in that respect, it’s never easy.” Of course, Kaye is quick to mention that, “after sixteen years, it’s hard to imagine doing anything else.”

As relatively new Coloradoan, Kaye carves out time to explore the natural wonders, scenic views, and open roads that make this state so special. “I love driving,” he says, “I’ve owned an Audi A6 for 5 or 6 years now… and just bought a Porsche Boxster.” When his work schedule and the weather permits, he enjoys heading up to the Conifer area for a drive, as well as “going for a hike.” Occasionally, he also “brings [his] pole and do some fly fishing.”


Dave Stribling

Dave Stribling | Service Manager

Dave Stribling is a lifelong Porsche enthusiast who began his career at Prestige Imports in 2002.  His passion for Porsche, business acumen and affinity for leadership align well with his position here as Porsche Service Manager, a role he assumed in 2011. 

 A driving instructor for Rocky Mountain Porsche Club of America since 2006, Dave’s passion for Porsche and his natural propensity for driving and instructing further merge his personal and professional lives.  

In his free time, Dave loves the outdoors, sailing and traveling the world with his wife and daughter.  

 Gold Meister Technician. Manager. Salesman. PCNA Training Influencer. Chief Driving Instructor. Track Record Holder. Husband. Father. Porsche Aficionado. - Dave strives to build trust and long term relationships with his customers and is always available to chat about his life’s enduring passion….Porsche. 

Phone: 303.238.8101 • Email:

John Bunn

John Bunn | Parts Manager

John has been in the Prestige Imports parts department for 3 ½ years. John is a veteran of the Auto Industry, with 25 years behind him. Before diving into parts at Prestige, John worked in service for BMW. Although he is only a “figurative” veteran of the Auto Industry John is actually a respected Veteran of the Persian Gulf War. John spent 6 years in the Marine Corps. John is a seasoned traveler; thus far he has been to 4 continents, including visits to beautiful places like Australia and Thailand. John and his wife have 2 daughters. John enjoys keeping fit and running and biking in his spare time.

Phone: 303.238.8101 • Email:

Allen Martinez

Allen Martinez | Collision Center Manager


Ethan Valeruz

Ethan Valeruz | Porsche Service Advisor

Phone: 303.238.8101 • Email:

Trace Paulson

Trace Paulson | Porsche Service Advisor


Wes Simmons

Wes Simmons | Porsche Shop Foreman

Jesus Castillo

Jesus Castillo | Porsche Technician

Jesus joined Prestige Imports in 2014. He is a Porsche Certified Technician.

Aaron Cruz

Aaron Cruz | Porsche Technician

Seth Eberl

Seth Eberl | Porsche Technician

Alex Heinze

Alex Heinze | Porsche Technician

Mike Tracy

Mike Tracy | Porsche Technician